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Parallel Application from Rapid Simulation (PARS) is a toolbox for 'The MathWorks' MATLAB® and Simulink®.

This enabling technology allows a user to design an entire Multiple FPGA and Multiple DSP system within the MATLAB and Simulink environment and then automatically generate code for multi-DSP and multi-FPGA in the system, without writing a single line of C or VHDL code.

FPGA IP cores
  • Optimized Digital Down Converter for Virtex 4,5,6
  • High-resolution complex Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Fixed Point FFT
  • Offset/Gain/Delay correction
  • Quadrature Conversion Algorithm
  • Power Spectrum Extraction/Exchange of a digital signal
  • Power Spectrum Interleave
FPGA application Block 1
Application Blocks
  • Power Spectrum Scanning Task
  • Adaptive narrow band frequency domain Digital Beam Forming (DBF) Task
  • DSP FM Demodulation Application
Application Block 2
GDD - Optimized DSP Libraries
  • Floating Point hand-coded highly optimized DSP Vector Library
  • Floating Point Optimized DSP Vector Library for C672x.
  • Optimized floating point DSP Vector Library for fixed point TMS320C64xx/DM64xx DSPs
  • Hand coded optimized LINPACK library for solving general and specialized linear systems.
  • Hand-coded optimized EISPACK library for solving eigen-value/eigen-vector problems.
  • Optimized CBLAS Library for TMS320C64xx and TMS320C67xx TI DSP
FFT Application Block 2
Diamond 3L
  • DSP and FPGA developing environment
  • RTOS ( Real Time Operationg System )
  • Multiprocessing and Multitasking
  • Semaphores
  • Supports FPGAs, DSPs, ADCx, DACs Communication

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